Grad School, Fall 2009

I'm halfway done with grad school with a 4.0 still going strong. The Fall 2009 semester starts on Monday and here is what I'm taking:

  • CS542 Computer Networks I Fundamentals
  • CS547 Wireless Networking
  • CS590 Advanced Software Analysis
  • CS595 Sensor Networks

After this semester, I still need to take one last course that will count towards my Software Engineering specialization in order to graduate. The problem is I took two of the six listed courses as an undergrad and cannot count those courses towards my masters. So I need to wait for one of the last two courses to be offered, or most likely take one as an independent study course. One cool thing about this upcoming semester is that it looks like I will be able to continue developing the Brookfield Zoo iPhone application through a Federal Work Study grant, so now I have something constructive to do during the four hour break between classes on Monday and Wednesday. And I think I'm going to be playing around with Arduino boards in my Sensor Networks class, which should be fun :-)