For my first two years at TuneIn, I worked on our ads and analytics platforms and I mentored new Rails developers on the team. On the ads side of the equation, I built out our in-house ads management tools (to store publisher, campaign, line item, ad, and creative details), third-party ad scrapers (to capture click/revenue data from a dozen different ad providers), and have made enhancements to our Android and iOS ad libraries. On the analytics side, I built the Rails data model and testing infrastructure to integrate our numerous data sources (MySQL, SQL Server, HBase, DynamoDB, and JSON and XML web services), and built out our ad hoc querying infrastructure to dynamically build and run Hive and Pig scripts, on demand, on top of Amazon’s Elastic MapReduce service.

As of March 2014, I have joined the mobile team at TuneIn working on our iOS application.



As a software engineer, I implemented A/B testing through Vanity to help drive business decisions, enhanced administrative tools to better manage category and product inventory, improved performance through code refactoring and query tuning, and I was the sole developer tasked with updating our infrastructure from Ruby 1.8.7 to Ruby 1.9.2 which yielded performance improvements of around 20%.

As a contractor, I worked with Ruby on Rails to build out ad hoc reporting to make data more accessible to product managers; content moderation tools to control user generated data; and various community-driven features aimed towards the Sears community of sites, as well as developed third-party integration libraries and data migration scripts.


Leapfrog online

As a software engineer, I was introduced to Ruby and Rails and the Scrum methodology. I was part of a two person team who converted and enhanced a PHP/Python driven, promotion fulfillment application to Ruby on Rails. The application grew from a single purpose site, sending and fulfilling one product, to a customer service and inventory management portal connecting with four warehouses to fulfill gift cards and consumer goods. While there, I built out promotional web sites with ad hoc reporting, dynamic rebate form generation, multi-variate testing with Memetrics, and third-party warehouse and payment gateway integration.

As a web developer, I worked with Python and PHP to create and maintain promotional web sites with a major focus on SEO and split testing. PHP was used to build out the lightweight sites, while Python was used to marshal data between the site and our fulfillment vendors.



As a quality assurance engineer, I worked with Python to test the accuracy of the results of the SPSS application during the 13.0 release cycle. I also performed user interface and installation/upgrade migration testing of SPSS Text Analysis for Surveys 2.0, as well as worked with the development team in Java to build SPSS-to-XML conversions for a client- server implementation.