Skydiving and Summerfest 2009

Summerfest is in full swing over at Skydive Chicago, unfortunately, Stephanie and I have to work this week. We were there this past weekend, taking part in our first boogie, and hopefully we will get to go back next weekend as Summerfest wraps up. Some highlights of the weekend include: watching the 100-way relative work formations, jumping out of a Skyvan, and spinning like crazy on a 3-way hybrid jump with Matt hanging below the 2-way round Steph and I built. For those who can make it out to Ottawa tonight, they are doing a UFO jump followed up with fireworks, and if it is anything like last years show, it will be well worth your time to make it out there.

In other skydiving news, my sitflying is coming along, once I started focusing more on using my arms (rather than my legs) to stabilize myself in the air, I started holding the sit for longer. Stephanie and I are both proud owners of our very own rigs! Now it's just a matter of practice before we are able to pack our own gear. We have a tandem group setup for August 22nd, if anyone wants to join us and make a skydive, drop me an email and I'll get you the details.