A Skydiving Family

Woo-hoo! Stephanie has completed the Advanced Freefall Program at Skydive Chicago and just received her A License in the mail! This looks to be a summer full of jumps with family and friends :-)

While Stephanie was busy going through the training necessary for her A License, I have been preparing for my B License exam. I went through water training a couple of weeks ago, a requirement for the B License, which involved jumping into a cold pond to practice getting out of your gear in a controlled environment. It was about 60 outside when I did this. Brrr. Other requirements for the B License include totaling at least 50 jumps and a minimum of 30 minutes of freefall time, and passing a written exam. As of today, I have met all the requirements and I am now waiting anxiously for my Class B License in the mail!

In further skydiving news, I am hopefully only about a week away from owning my own rig! More info on that to come shortly :-)

Blue Skies