Grad School, Spring 2009 Wrap Up

Well, looks like I somehow managed to get straight A's in my first semester of graduate school. Some tips for people taking the courses I was in:

  • CS525 Advanced Database Organization: start projects early and study the lecture slides for the tests
  • CS536 Science of Programming: know the difference between semantic and syntactic, study the homework problems for the test, and I would recommend against taking the night class (there is a lot of information that I found difficult to pay attention to over a three hour class)
  • CS549 Cryptology and Network Security: Google and Wikipedia are your friends, the lecture notes are pretty sparse for figuring out homework problems, this class is more about theory than application
  • CS586 Software System Architecture: attend the lectures and take notes

Up next, the summer semester with: CS542 Computer Networks I Fundamentals and CS595 Wireless Device Apps at Zoo.