New Year's In Arizona

Stephanie and I had a good time in Arizona for New Year's. We arrived in Arizona on New Year's Eve leaving a cold and snowy Chicago behind. We spent New Year's Eve at my parents' house with some of their friends, drinking and playing board games. The Winter Classic in hockey this year was held in my home town at Wrigley Field, unfortunately the Chicago Blackhawks couldn't pull off a victory. My sister and her family came into Arizona on Friday. After they arrived, we spent the day climbing Lookout Mountain and while the rest of my family went to see ZooLights at the Phoenix Zoo, Steph and I took Peanut home and watched Burn After Reading. On Saturday night, we had a tattoo party at my parents' house. I went first, getting a skydiving tattoo (an 8-way Vertical Mixed Star) around my ankle; my dad got a logo of the Chicago Cubs on the side of his leg; and Stephanie finished off the night with a cluster of stars from her shoulder down to her side. On our last day in town, we headed south to Eloy to go to Skydive Arizona (and SkyVenture Arizona). Unfortunately, Sunday turned out to be the only day when it was rainy with a sky-full of clouds. Due to the weather, I was out a skydive, and SkyVenture was completely booked for the day, so the trip was a bust. We ended up heading over to a bowling alley and playing a few games before hopping a midnight flight back to Chicago. Overall, it was a good trip. It was nice to see my family again, and even though I missed out on a skydive, I did get my seventh tattoo, so all is well.