Wedding Update, New Toys, Fun at Work, and More!

Well, a lot has been going on in the month since my last post. It is getting closer and closer to my wedding. Over the weekend, Stephanie and I went down to the Cook County Clerk's Office and picked up our Marriage Certificate. We have been trying to get a grip on all of the little last minute things we need for the wedding: favors, bridal party gifts, cake topper, etc. We have also had our two wedding showers (one in Minnesota, one in Illinois) and received a lot of great stuff, so Thanks! again to everyone who came. All-in-all, it has been a very stressful time =)

We found some time to unwind this weekend. On Sunday, we went down to the Taste of Chicago for the afternoon to walk around to different food vendors and sample some of what Chicago has to offer. Last Friday, my new toy came in, the Canon Digital Rebel XT (with starter kit), so I am now trying to find my way around all the cool new features that separate the Digital SLR cameras from the Point-and-Shoot cameras. Hopefully I can get some good fireworks shots with this camera when I am in Minnesota over the 4th of July holiday =)

As of Today, I am no longer a Web Developer at Leapfrog, but a full-fledged Software Engineer =) This comes after a three month migration period where I have had to do both jobs. As a part of the job transition, I have been learning Ruby on Rails development, which will be my primary focus as a Software Engineer at Leapfrog. So far, the world of Ruby and Rails seems like a good direction in which to go and I have a fine mentor at Leapfrog, Jeff Cohen (from Softies on Rails), in which to follow.