Kelly's Wedding

On July 21st, 2006, my sister, Kelly, got married to Laurence Bradley. And their daughter, Shalese (who just turned two), was one of the three flower girls in the wedding. But, when the flower girls came out, there were only two... No Shalese. Apparently, she didn't want to walk in by herself, and when my dad walked my sister down the aisle, he had Kelly on his left arm, and Shalese in his right. It was pretty cute (sorry, no pictures of this as of yet, I was in the wedding). Aside from that little mishap, and the wedding starting about 40 minutes later than expected, everything ran smoothly. Both of our families got along well and there were no major disasters that I can remember. Congratulations Kelly and Laurence! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon in the Bahamas!