Minnesota Birthdays

Stephanie and I went up to Minnesota last weekend to celebrate her nephew's 1st birthday and her aunt's 50th birthday.

Happy 1st Birthday Jack! On Friday, June 23rd, we celebrated Jack's first birthday at Stephanie's parents' house. He is one spoiled kid :) It took four of us a couple trips to bring all of his gifts inside!

Happy 50th Birthday Shelley! On Saturday, June 24th, we celebrated Shelley's 50th birthday at Gulden's Bar and Restaurant. This was a surprise party for Shelley where over 100 people showed up to show their love. It was pretty amazing that the secret was kept. The day before, on Jack's birthday, everyone in the family was around and had to keep quiet about Shelley's birthday the next day, but they managed. After the party was over, a few people stuck around and went up to the bar for karaoke night. Sorry, no video of that ;)