Saving Up for my Skydiving Rig

I'm hooked. If the 'A' License in a Week course wasn't enough excitement, being able to jump 4-ways with my friends puts the thrill and enjoyment level over the top. Starting last week, I'm saving up for my first skydiving rig! I'm now prioritizing my purchases (I haven't even bought Guitar Hero: World Tour) and started making my own lunches to bring with me to work instead of going out 5 days a week. I was worried that I would get sick of eating hard salami sandwiches, but since we are cooking dinner every night, I get to mix up my lunches with leftovers.

I hope to have saved up enough money to buy my complete skydiving rig (Main Parachute, Reserve Parachute, Container, and Automatic Activation Device) by Spring 2009 so I can start saving money on gear rentals. I plan on jumping a LOT next year ;-)

Here is what I'm thinking about getting at this point:

Also looking into a Relative Work (RW) jumpsuit and upgrading my altimeter to an Altitrak. I think I'm going to go with a Black/Grey/Navy color scheme... there is a Vector 3 Coloring Program available that I have been playing with, a Navy/Grey Lightning Scheme looks pretty cool for my container...

I added five more jumps to my logbook over the weekend, making my first 6-way attempt and really feeling the difference sit-flying can make on my fall rate. This brings my jump count up to 38, so with a few more jumps and water training early next season I will be able to apply for my 'B' License :-)

~ Blue Skies