Busy Summer

Wow, it has been a busy summer so far... And things don't look to be slowing down any time soon. In the past two weeks, Stephanie and I have been:

  • Camping with friends in WI (8/1 - 8/3)
  • Celebrating our First Year Anniversary! (8/4)
  • Working out project details at Skydive Chicago (8/5)
  • In MN for Megan and Matt's Wedding (8/6 - 8/9)
  • Attending Mayhem Fest at First Midwest Bank Amphitheater (8/10)

And that is only the first half of August... We begin moving into our new condo on Friday (8/15), Stephanie starts grad school at UIC next week, and if everything works out, I will be getting my Skydiving License in September!

Camping in WI

Stephanie and I went camping at Lake in the Woods in WI with friends Angela and Ryan. Angela and Ryan are getting married next August and Steph and I are both going to be in the wedding party. Lake in the Woods was a nice area... it is mainly a resort with a bunch of people who own trailers, not too many people camping out in tents like we were. That was the first time I've been camping since I was little and I had a good time. I wouldn't mind going up there again and getting in some Mini-Golf :-)

First Anniversary

The 4th of August, 2008, marked the one year anniversary of our marriage! Stephanie and I spent most of the day walking around and shopping in downtown Chicago. Since we had honeymooned in Hawaii, we ate at a Hawaiian restaurant called "Aloha" for lunch and tried to imagine an empty beach instead of cars speeding down Clark St. Dinner was pretty uneventful, but for dessert, Stephanie had made chocolate-dipped strawberries, marshmallows, and graham crackers, while I had brought home aHearts and Berries fruit basket from Edible Arrangements.

Skydive Chicago

Rob, Kamil, and I are working on a project at Skydive Chicago, more details to come later :-)

Megan and Matt's Wedding

A big "Congratulations!" to Megan and Matt on their marriage. Stephanie and I went up to MN on Wednesday to help them with the finishing touches for their wedding. I got my hair cut on Friday (first time in a year!!) and proceeded to fry myself from chest to toe in a tanning bed while waiting to be picked up. A fun time was had by all at the Rehearsal Dinner and the Wedding, pictures coming soon!

Mayhem Fest

After a brief rest following the reception (4 hours at the most) Stephanie, my Dad, and I loaded up into my Mustang and headed off to Tinely Park, IL to catch Mayhem Fest. We got to the fest around 3p.m., missing The Red Chord (opening act for the fest), but caught the end of Soil's set (they were the Jäger Band and sound good with their new singer). They had the two smaller stages set up side-by-side, so when one band finished, the next band started. They also had a small BMX-like thing going on occasionally during the sets that was pretty distracting, especially when the music they were playing over the loudspeakers interfered with the bands on stage. A band that really surprised me on stage was Black Tide, I'm looking forward to picking up their album when I get a chance. Since the fest was on a Sunday night, they pushed up the show times for the main stage and I missed all but Through the Fire and Flames from Dragonforce (we purposely skipped Mastodon in favor of seeing Walls of Jericho, Underoath, and Machine Head). Disturbed and Slipknot put on one hell of a show. I love the new Disturbed album and the new Slipknot is due out at the end of the month. Steph and I had PIT passes, while my dad and cousin sat center stage right behind the pit for the show - could not have had better seats! Is this the new Ozzfest? Could be...

Next big show I know of coming up is Metallica with Machine Head in January...