Costa Rica (22-26 March 2006)

We had a wonderful time in Costa Rica. The Tortuga Island cruise was great! We got to go snorkeling and see sea snakes, sea stars, and all sorts of colorful fish. The island was lined with palm trees up and down the coast and we got to enjoy lunch with a live band. Hotel Villa Calatas was unbelievable! The food was great, their private rocky beach was full of life (hundreds of crabs, snails, and little fish), and the amphitheater had the most amazing view of the country. Although we didn't get to go up to Arenal Volcano, we did get to walk over the remains of the 1992 eruption and see lava rocks skidding down the side of the volcano glowing red and throwing up debris. We did not get to spend that much time at the Tabacon Hot Springs Resort and Spa, but sharing the hot springs with iguanas and other little lizards on the morning of our departure was a thrilling experience. I can't wait to go back!

If you want to look through all of the photos we took in Costa Rica at your own pace, take a look at my Costa Rica Photo Album.