Wedding Photo Proofs

Anyone who is interested, our Wedding Picture Proofs are now available online to browser and purchase. Directions to get to the proofs are outlined in the email I received from Timothy Whaley & Associates:

Dear Family & Friends:

Timothy Whaley & Associates, our official wedding photographer, would like to provide instructions on how to view proofs and order photographs from our wedding.

  1. Please visit:
  2. Click on: "Weddings"
  3. Click on: "Photo Proof Login"
  4. Click on: "Wedding Day Proofs"
  5. Click on: "After 12/27/06"
  6. Select our last names from the client list and enter our wedding date, 8/4/2007, as the password in the following format: MMDDYY

You will be able to view and order any of the photographs from our wedding day, directly from the website. Orders will be shipped to you approximately 2 to 3 weeks from the date placed. If you are interested in obtaining information on additional products offered by our studio, please call 630-271-1737 and speak with Kristina.

Thank you for sharing our special day with us and we hope you find this internet feature a great way to order cherished memories of our day!

Thank you!

-- per email from Kristina Manno, Personal Studio Consultant with Timothy Whaley & Associates

You could follow all of those steps, or you can go to the Erickson-Sepcot Gallery login page directly. Enter the password 080407 and (unfortunately) your Name and Email Address to enter the gallery.