Engagement Ring

A year ago tomorrow (April 28th), Stephanie and I will have been engaged for a full year. With the wedding a short 99 days away, it's about time I started the process of getting the wedding bands made.

We had Stephanie's engagement ring custom designed by Koorosh Daneshgar of Wedding Bands and Company (full details at my first blog post: I'm Getting Married!) and we are going back to him to get my wedding band and a shadow band made for the wedding. I'm not too keen on gold (Stephanie's ring is white gold), so I went over to the Wedding Bands and Company web site to check out the other metal options they have. While there, I took a look at the Engagement Rings section of there site and noticed this:

In the upper left hand box (marked "Antique-Design") is Stephanie's Engagement Ring!

I was pretty excited that Koorosh thought so much of the design that we collaborated on that he has the ring featured on the web site

We are just beginning the process of collaboration on my wedding band, I will be posting images throughout the process.