Movie Review: Ghost Rider

Rating: 3.5 out of 5 - Ghost Rider Official Site

Starts off slow, but quickly picks up speed. Ghost Rider is the story of Johnny Blaze, played by Nicholas Cage, who, as a child, sells his soul to the devil to cure his father of cancer. His father's untimely death a few hours later in a circus show "accident" prompts Johnny to run away from his current life and leave his love behind. Years later, Johnny Blaze becomes a successful motorcycle daredevil (a la Evil Knievel), meets up again with his long lost love, and has the devil come to collect on his payment. His payment: during the night, Johnny is possessed by a spirit, and in the presence of evil, he turns into the Ghost Rider. It is the Ghost Rider's job to collect the souls of the damned and send them to hell. The devil makes a further deal with Johnny: if he can send the devil's son back to hell, the devil will give him his soul back.

It takes a little time to build up the back-story, but once Johnny Blaze first turns into the Ghost Rider, the story progresses rapidly. Perhaps a little too rapidly. Most of the battles between good and evil don't last that long. The Ghost Rider spirit knows how to kick-ass from the get-go, no fumbling around learning how to use his powers.

I actually thought the movie was going to be a little on the children's side, but the PG-13 rating is there for a reason (lots of fire and death). The special effects and storyline elements make this an enjoyable flick for teens and adults.