Movie Review: "Children of Men"

Rating: 4 out of 5 - Children of Men Official Movie Site

Set in Great Britain in the year 2027, Children of Men is a story about the salvation of mankind. In 2009, something happens around the world which causes all women to become infertile. With no new babies, the world loses hope. Riots breakout in every nation; violence and destruction become the new way of life. Great Britain stands alone as the last nation with some sort of order to it. But, order comes with a price. Great Britain has turned into a police state and every illegal immigrant is hunted down and thrown out of the country. A group of insurgents known as "The Fishies" discover a woman who has become pregnant. This woman is the salvation of mankind, a new hope where all was lost. Children of Men is the story of the struggle to get this miracle woman to "The Human Project" where she will be protected and looked after.

I thought Children of Men was a great movie. The story was captivating and the plot moved and developed quickly throughout the flick. This is a violent film about smuggling a human life through refugee camps and battlefields to reach a mysterious group of people which nobody has direct contact with. At a time in which all hope is lost, the government hands out suicide assisting drugs to anyone who wants them, but marijuana is still illegal. The twists and turns at every step of the journey kept me focused and wanting more. I recommend Children of Men to anyone who enjoys movies about humanities struggles through times of war and peril.