Tattoo - Chinese Proverb

For my Golden Birthday I went out to Rising Phoenix Tattoo out in Addison, IL to get my sixth tattoo by Dave "Mr. Lee" on my left arm. For my sixth tattoo, I went with a Chinese Proverb down my left arm. The proverb reads: "When you've got something special, never forget it." The proverb itself actually comes from a bookmark I had bought in Barnes and Noble a few years ago. The tattoo is meant as a reminder to take a step back every now and then and remember the people who make me who I am.


A coworker of mine was interested in the tattoo and asked their friend for a literal translation and pronunciation:

What this person has on their arm is literally: "You have a capability/strength, don't forget it." It is pronounced "De Neng Mo Wang" (Duh nung moe wang). However, this is actually part of a longer proverb meaning: One who is aware of their own mistakes must correct it, once you find your strengths you must not forget it.